PS4 pre-orders are through the roof

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According to a post on Nowgamer the PlayStation 4 pre-orders for are through the roof, and they aren’t the only retailer who is expecting a windfall on the PlayStation release day.

James Rowson from Shopto has stated

“It’s unprecedented demand.

“It’s been the most successful console pre-order to date in our seven year history.

“It resonates with our customer base because we’re very much a hardcore gamers’ destination, so the launch of a new PlayStation or Xbox console was always going to be pretty strong for us.

“But it has been unprecedented in terms of numbers.

“On the actual reveal night our site traffic even at one in the morning was treble its usual traffic.

“We were bold and brave to put a preorder message on there, we were kind of on our own at that point.

“It also increased new registrations to our website as well as in people who’d not previously shopped with us who created an account just to place a preorder, so overall very successful and something we’ve been very pleased with.

“It’s been backed up by the various software titles, they’re doing well.

“Killzone and Watch Dogs are the two favourites but DriveClub’s been doing pretty well as well.”

But let’s look at the facts here, Shopto weren’t actually a real entity when the last round of console were released so any pre-order numbers they are getting are going to be breaking records. Shopto are a very hardcore retailer so the Wii-U never had a chance.

But across the pond in the land of the free, unless you want to board a plane then you are automatically a terrorist with C4 shoved up your rectrum… anyway where was I?

Oh yes in America Gamestop has a program which you can sign up for that will let you know when you can pre-order the PS4. So it’s like a pre-ordering system for pre-orders.. genius. Well that system now has 600 000 people on it waiting for the pre-order announcement.

I think it’s pretty obvious that the PlayStation 4 right now has captured the hearts of gamers and unless Microsoft pull a rabbit out of their hat at E3 I’m expecting the PS4 to dominate Christmas sales.

So have you pre-ordered it yet? I know BTGames is already taking pre-orders.

Last Updated: March 14, 2013

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