PS4 Second Son demos from Taipei Game Show

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Infamous: Second Son demo gameplay has surfaced on YouTube and it looks pretty damn slick to say the least. There are two videos from the event in Taipei but I’m only going to show the one as the other one is not translated and more of an overview of the event itself and doesn’t show anything new.

The first video shows dynamic changing of elemental powers via draining them from their source. Draining neon from a neon sign to switch to neon power which is a pretty nifty projectile weapon and a super run (bit trip runner style!) which allows wall running and jumping. Or smoke from a burning vehicle to access a flame dash and fireball. They also showed off some nice destructive environments and multi enemy fire-fights. Application of  the PS4 touchpad in addition to completing QTE’s and objectives like activating a hand scanner to open a door with the touchpad.

The UI of the game is very minimalistic, with a stylised map in the bottom right, a set of crosshairs for aiming attacks and not much else. The graphics themselves are shown off well with a wet weather level full of particle, lighting and reflection effects, all running at a lovely constant 30 fps. Of course it isn’t as sharp as it probably is considering it’s a camera pointed at a television, but it’s a nice peek at a hotly anticipated sequel to a solid third person action adventure franchise. Have Sucker Punch done well here? I certainly think so.

Last Updated: January 28, 2014

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