PS4 SharePlay guests won’t get the full picture

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The PS4 is gradually leveling up, gaining some of the features Sony promised fans all the way back at the initial reveal. SharePlay is one of the bigger features, allowing a friend to take over your game from another console. Thing is, they won’t be getting the exact same experience.

While the PS4 can comfortably reach 1080p with most games, guests will not have the same experience. Games that are streamed via SharePlay will be capped at 720p, prioritizing low input latency over high quality visuals.

The guys over on Eurogamer got to play around with Sony’s virtual couch feature at an event recently. Both consoles were wired to the internet, providing the best connection possible for SharePlay. While the input lag was extremely low, there was apparently noticeable frame-rate dips, never mind the visual quality drop.

The preview also notes that the latency is entirely dependent on the upload speed of the host, which doesn’t bode well for the feature locally. Our upload speeds are pretty terrible, to the point where even simple Twitch streaming becomes a chore. I’m skeptical that will work at any playable level, but I really hope it does.

Because how awesome does online, local multiplayer sound? Having the ability to share a game online and turn previously internet handicapped titles into fully fledged online multiplayer ones is great. If it works, it sounds like a killer feature.

Last Updated: October 28, 2014

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