The Xbox One will be supporting 8 controllers at once, something that is useless to me. Not only is my TV too small for that many split screens, but I don’t know that many people I’d want in my house playing games. That’s right kids, get off my lawn!

This, of course, prompted the natural question in the console war – so how many can the PS4 support?  Asked via twitter, the answer was four. PS3 supported 7 controllers at once, perhaps leading to Xbox’s apparent one-up with 8 controllers – why would the PS4 only support four controllers?
I believe that there simply wasn’t enough usage in this generation. Not many people played with more than one other person, let alone six. While this might work well in dormitories or other shared living arrangements, it seems that a large proportion of gamers prefer to play by themselves… or online with strangers who they can verbally abuse without any risk of physical harm. Or maybe it’s just because Sony knows the PlayStation controller is never as good as the Xbox controller and isn’t entering into this battle in the console war.
I wonder if this will have an impact on game design and player experiences. Will developers just build games with a maximum of four local players? Or will the Xbox One’s eight be the norm with PlayStation owners left to feel bad for not having enough friends?

Last Updated: September 4, 2013

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