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PS5 won’t have its own Xbox Smart Delivery alternative according to reports

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Sony has finally shown their PlayStation 5 hand, and you know exactly what that means: It’s time for a next-gen console pissing contest!

While I’m still of the opinion that we’re headed into a “hey two fantastic consoles!” era, the reality is that for most consumers there’ll only be enough cash in the kitty (STOP EATING MY WALLET MITTENS!) for one slice of next-gen technology in the house come launch day. It’s not a case of which console is the best overall, but rather an examination of which console is best for you.

Both machines have similar tech specs, with Mircosoft edging out Sony in the numbers department, but it’ll be up to developers to make the most of those consoles in the grand scheme of things. Sony currently has the better line-up of first party games but that might change after July 20 when Microsoft reveals what their collection of studios have been up to over the last couple of years.

I’m personally more interested in the Xbox Series X and its ecosystem towards older games and third-party titles. The Xbox Series X also has another ace up its sleeve: Smart Delivery. While this service is coming towards the tail end of the Xbox One’s lifespan and is up to publishers to decide whether they want to opt into the program or not, the idea of buying a game once and having it available on all your Xbox consoles is mighty tempting.

Cyberpunk 2077 has already confirmed that it’ll be offering Smart Delivery, Microsoft’s collection of exclusives will join in on that action and even Ubisoft wants to take fans to multiple generations of Valhalla in the next Assassin’s Creed game. So what’s Sony up to? According to Japanese site Gamespark when contacted SIE Japan (cheers VG247), Sony will also leave the ball in the developer’s court, with no dedicated ecosystem in place for a proposed Sony cross-generation feature.

This also comes hot on the news that Sony has no plans in place for new games to be released on both PS4 and PS5 (For comparison’s sake, look at how many games were simul-released on Xbox 360 and Xbox One/PS3 and PS4 in the early days of this console generation), although given the nature of the new console and how it prioritises quality of life improvements, it’s not exactly surprising.

Electronic Arts also entered this discussion during the week, as the company confirmed that physical PS4 copies of Madden NFL 21 would not be be eligible for a PS5 upgrade, but digital editions would be if they bought the PS5 that comes with a disc drive. Again, understandable from EA’s point as they’d just be giving NFL games away for free if they went in the opposite direction.

Long story short? If there’s a third-party developer who is like Flint with the Xbox Series X Smart Delivery service, chances are high that they’ll offer something similar on PS5. With an added catch, perhaps.

Last Updated: June 18, 2020

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