PSA : Booting up a Kinect Game Early Blocks Xbox Live

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If one of our local retailers happens to break the street date for Kinect and it’s game (I’m looking at you, CNA!), and you take your shiny new peripheral home and try to play with it, it may just keep you off of live until the product becomes officially available.

Upon inserting a Kinect game, you’re prompted to update – but as the product has yet to launch, the update it pulls from Live’s servers isn’t ready for mass public consumption.

After installation of the update, you’ll be prompted to update again, only this update fails. Without the update, you’ll be caught in Xbox live limbo – you’ll longer be able to access the service; and the update won’t work until November 4, when the product officially launches in the US.

Microsoft is aware of the problem, and has responded thusly : "Due to a retailer error, a very small number of customers were shipped copies of a Kinect game ahead of launch. Since Kinect does not launch until Nov. 4 in the United States, customers who insert the game into their console before then will be temporarily unable to access Xbox LIVE. The retailer is contacting affected individuals directly to warn them of this situation."

Is Skittles worth the temporary loss of Halo Reach multiplayer? I think not.

Source : Joystiq

Last Updated: October 29, 2010

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