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PSA: BT Games enters the digital download world

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I previously postulated about how the digital download option is going to slowly destroy the local industry and the first people to lose out will be mainstream retailers and distributors while the gaming specific retailers will adapt and survive… for a while.

Well BT Games has made the first move locally for a dedicated gaming retailer to start offering purely digital titles from their new website http://downloads.btgames.co.za

Now we’ve received no communication from BT Games about this and there is no link from their main site so this may in fact not be ready for release yet…

If so then sorry BT Games for stealing the story but for the rest of you why not head over to BT Games new digital library and place an order for Battlefield 4 for R499 and be assured of a day one experience.

So are you excited about this new digital world or do you think this will all end badly for the locals?

Thanks to Shaun Trennery for tweeting the link

Last Updated: August 5, 2013

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