PSA: Update on our legal action–Postponed

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So today I was in the Gauteng High Court to defend my articles against the ex-President of the MSSA. Unfortunately the man himself didn’t appear at court but his legal team were there.

The case has been postponed until the 22nd of May as we got our responding affidavit to his initial affidavit to his lawyers on the night of Friday the 15th of March and they, fairly, felt that they haven’t had enough time to read and prepare for today.

Our advocates met in the corridor and chairs and spears were thrown, okay that’s entirely untrue. In fact both advocates were very professional and polite and we’ve agreed that we will be back in court to fight to the death on the 22nd of May.

It’s unfortunate as I would have preferred it to be over today but I still stick by the fact that I’ve done no wrong and I am looking forward to the return date.

The slight negative is that this means a slight increase in costs but I’m trying to manage that right now and we should be good.

As always any support would be incredible so if you want to buy one of our incredibly sexy shirts, you know you want to Colin, then simply head on over to here and place your order.

Else if you just want to throw money at us, lap dances cost over R10k, then please feel free to drop your cash into our legal fund

Gavin Mannion
Account Number: 62459882413
Branch Code: 255955

All deposits of over R300 qualify for a free shirt.

Please be patient on the shirts however as we need to place an order when we are confident on how many we can sell so the order is not placed yet. Hopefully by the end of the week and the shirts will then arrive two weeks later.

Also the printer is out of good quality grey shirts so the shirt colour may end up black or some other random colour that comes out of the hat. I will personally refund anyone who is unhappy with the colour that is finally chosen.

It was awful being in court today but knowing that I have the support of a large portion of the community made me feel a lot better. You guys are awesome and there really is no real way to thank you for the incredible support.

As always please keep the comments about Mr Webster non-defamatory.

Last Updated: March 18, 2014

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