PSA: Use Pushbullet to be the first to read our news

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In early December, I started trialling a new Chrome plugin and iOS application called Pushbullet, which I stumbled across as a cool way to send links and images from my computer to the phone and vice versa.

However, I quickly found it’s actually way cooler than just that. What Pushbullet allows you to do is subscribe to channels, such as incredible gaming news websites. Then, as soon as they post a new article, you can be notified via a phone notification or a Chrome popup… or both.

It’s faster than our tweets get sent out and gives you the ability to read the breaking news as and when it is posted.

This is vitally important for those awesome competitions we post, as well as catching us out on publishing typos before resolving them.

To give it a go simply, sign up for an account with them and install the Chrome plugin and/or the phone application and then click this fancy little button.

It really couldn’t be easier and if you ever decide you don’t like knowing about our breaking news, you can simply unsubscribe. We don’t receive any information about you and cannot use it to do anything but notify you of new and awesome stories.

Last Updated: January 9, 2015

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