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PSA: We have some planned downtime later today

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If you’re a regular reader you would have noticed that the website has been less stable than Darryn in a comic book store this week and to be honest it totally is your fault this time.

It appears that we’ve grown and our trusty old server has decided it’s had enough and will now only work 60% of the time and so we have to upgrade to a brand new server.

So I contacted our hosting partners at Hetzner and asked them to install a sexy new powerful server over the weekend so as to cause the least amount of disruption possible to you our awesome readers.

Hetzner being German responded promptly with, NEIN… Apparently German efficiency is only applicable to office hours, Monday to Friday…

I kid you not.. So seeing that we have little choice and we really really need a new server we are going to be shutting up shop today at 3pm (if they remember) and will be back by around 6. And that will hopefully be the end of our instability issues.

Last Updated: May 24, 2013

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