PSA: You’re going to have to install GTA V

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This is something Rockstar revealed a few months ago already, but with the games imminent release, I feel I should remind all of you – especially those of you who’ll be attending midnight launches – that you’re going to have to install GTA V before you’ll be able to roam the streets of Los Santos.

The Xbox 360 version sill ship as two discs; one to install from and the other to play from – which is neat, as it mitigates the need to ever switch discs.  And yes, the Ps3 version will come on just one super handy blu-ray disc, but because of that system’s slow drive you’re going to have to install it too before you can play.

both installs will clock in at around 8Gbs; which is a bit of a problem for those of you running those 4GB Xbox 360’s, or those still running the old Arcade units. Thankfully, you can easily just throw in a fast enough flash drive, format it for the 360, and install to there.

For PS3 owners with the 12Gb system, you’re either going to have to free up a bunch of space, or replace the drive with a bigger one.

Try and get all of this done before the game’s release next week, mkay? the last thing anybody wants is for you to get home from a midnight launch and be unable to play the year’s most eagerly anticipated game.

Last Updated: September 11, 2013

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