PSJailbreak whines about losing money from cheap imitations… and they are actually serious

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Imagine this, you have spent the last year or two coming up with an application that works perfectly and is in great demand. You slap a price tag on it that you feel is worth all the hard work you put into the program and send it out to the shops to reap your rewards.

But low and behold a few days later some cheap Chinese imitations start flooding the shelves and your profits nose dive. The only logical thing to do is to plead with your customers not to side with the side of evil and support the original developers. But there’s a catch… you’re a filthy pirate yourself.

This is exactly what’s happening to PSJailbreak who claim to have been able to circumvent the PS3’s protection to allow you to play pirated games on any of their systems with a simple USB stick.

However now the insanely intelligent Chinese have gotten their hands on one and reverse engineered it and are now able to sell it at a far lower price so PSJailbreak have sent out the above header image…

As you know we hate piracy here at Lazygamer so this is a weird first where I get to say that I hope this software becomes public knowledge in lightning quick time. Because as soon as that happens someone will share with Sony how to disable it and all of PSJailbreak’s investment will be lost and that would make me happy.

Source: MaxConsole

Last Updated: August 23, 2010

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