PSN is down: Guess who’s claiming responsibility?

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Right now, the majority of US servers for Sony’s PlayStation network seem to be down. Many users are currently reporting being unable to log in to the service, being hit instead with error codes. As with last week’s Xbox Live outage, a familiar group is claiming responsibility.

Sony is aware of the issues users are having, and are currently working to resolve the outage.

The same bunch of DDoSing script kiddies, Lizard Squad, have claimed responsibility.

Lizard Squad is the jolly group of DDoSers who’ve been responsible for much of the online DDoS scripting that been going on lately, having brought down the PSN before, along with individual games like Grand Theft Auto 5, League of Legends and Destiny. After the Xbox attacks and the hacks on 2K games and PSN, Lizard Squad promised more. It looks like they’re delivering on those promises.

Remember though – don’t be too angry at Lizard Squad. Remember that they’re bringing these services down and causing all of this inconvenience, they’re doing it all for you.

Last Updated: December 8, 2014

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