PSP 2 not even planned or corporate lying?

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This is quite disturbing news if it is true… According SCEE President, David Reeves, Sony currently has no plans to release a PSP 2 at all.

Generally when a company releases a console they have the next model already in the planning stages and well on it’s way to becoming a reality. However it doesn’t look like this is the case with the PSP.

It appears that this may be the last model we see for quite some time. However it doesn’t mean that we are not going to see any PSP upgrades as the handheld keep son evolving, just that we are not going to see a brand new model.

He also goes on to say that the problem with the PSP is the lack of Software… yes you read that right. According to the president of Sony Europe the PSP has no games.

He goes on to say that developers are placing the PSP last on their list of platforms to develop for and yet he doesn’t say anything about how Sony are going about fixing this problem.

So in essence, don’t look forward to a PSP2 and if you buy one now don’t expect any great games in the near future.

That seems insanely negative considering the PSP is actually selling really well all over the world?

Source: MCVUK

Last Updated: December 12, 2008

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