PSP Deal goes horribly wrong

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One frustrating thing that has happened to all of us is when you purchase something only to find out that it doesn’t work. Usually it’s plain irritating because you would have to drive back to the store where you purchased it and replace it, delaying your gaming. But what happens if you buy a second hand PSP and it doesn’t work? What do you do then?

Well crazy Jose Eduardo Espinosa-Arellano decided to kidnap the teenager who sold him a broken PSP. This may have crossed some peoples mind but they would never follow through with it. Wait what am I saying, this would never cross any sane persons mind. Well Jose thought it fine to kidnap the teen and take him for a ride in the boot of his car for 20 miles.

Lucky for the teen Jose only threatened the teen and never followed through on anything. He got out of it by sms’ing his brother during the ride who alerted the cops. Jose may be charged with kidnapping which is a pretty serious offense in the states. And I don’t think they will allow gaming in prison!

Moral of the story, always check what you buy and never drive with strangers.


Last Updated: August 27, 2009

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