PSP Go Officially Leaked

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The much rumoured PGP Go has been officially leaked by Sony’s electronic insider magazine, Qore.

I think all the rumours were true on this one, the PSP Go doesn’t have a UMD drive (bye bye UMD), it’s vastly thinner than the PSP 3000, has a sliding screen and unbelievably only has a single analogue stick.

The video goes on to tell us that the PSP Go will not be replacing the PSP 3000 but will rather be seen as a more prestigious version of it’s little brother.

We also get to see LittleBigPlanet, Warcraft and God of War on the PSP Go which to me was the most exciting part of the announcement.

The audio dubbing in this YouTube video is abysmal but if you don’t watch the screen anymore after they put the PSP Go down it becomes easier to follow.

I think the PSP Go looks pretty good but I am struggling to move past that single analogue stick and lack of touch screen… or is it touch screen eneabled and I just missed that part?

The comments over at Destructoid (where I stumbled across the story) are not fans of this new design at all and I have to agree with them, the mocked up fan art looked way better.

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Last Updated: May 30, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Bye bye UMD? Why? the PSP 3000 will still remain on shelves,this will sell alongside it.also,the screen is alot smaller than the current PSP 3000s.All this tells me,its just the alternative. And wait for E3. . .something tells me the new Slim PS3 will be gimped,just like this PSP Go,it will sell alongside the current PS3.My bet. . .count wifi removed. . . . ,well. . .it looks really cheap,Im sure they through a few things out.

  • I like the idea, don’t like the slidescreen, but having no UMD is a cool idea.

    PSP games are small enough ranging from 300MB to 1.2GB for the heavyweights. So often I’ve been tempted to hack my PSP just so that i could play games straight off the mem stick. I just makes it feel more “portable”.

    And if it’s 16GB onboard then that’d be awesome.

    No way i’m replace my PSP (still have the orignal phat one) but I like that idea.

  • 1,2gb? Umm. . . . . . .nope.anything from 300 to 1,8gb.Smash Court Tennis 3 is 1,8gb. Thats max for,hope ya’ll enjoy gettin 1,8gb chomped off bandwidth.before even buying the game! Ie,paying for it.

  • PSN works with local bandwidth, which is why I don’t mind d/ling stuff. Yes, there are games that use the full UMD, but most don’t.

  • I honestly can’t see the PSP 3000 sticking around for to long after this one gets released… even the way he is talking about it makes me think it will be phased out just after Christmas.

    UMD was a bit of a failure as a media format and I won’t be sad to see the back of it.

  • Shrinking size isnt always best.
    I still think the original “phat” psp had a much better build quality and feel than the later models. I also think that only having one thumbstick is weird.

  • I got my PSP 3000 second hand right before the PSP Go announcement…

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