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PSP Minis To Be Playable on PS3?

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I thought that PSP Minis was a fantastic idea, one of Sony’s best in recent times. Smaller downloadable games to compliment the launch of the digital distribution handheld, the PSPGo!

And then Sony made it so that PSP minis couldn’t be updateable, get DLC or have multiplayer. On top of that, they currently charge way too much for the things, putting them just outside the scope of “impulse buys.” coupled with the fact that PSP minis haven’t been marketed at all since launch, it wouldn’t surprise me if none of you have played a PSP mini at all. That may be set to change, as according to Joystiq’s sources the minis will soon be playable on your PS3.

According to those same sources, the games will be up-scaled, so you won’t have to skeef your eyes looking at PSP resolutions on your 50 inch plasmas. All current and future minis will be available, althoguh there’s no word on if you’ll have to download separate versions for PSP and PS3 use; or if a single purchase would allow you to play the games on both systems – something that would take the sting out of their inflated prices.

When might this be happening, you ask? Soon, apparently. Joystiq’s spies say it could happen as early as Christmas. Hopefully this initiative leads to some PSP being playable on the PS3 in up-scaled resolutions too. Chinatown Wars on a big screen? Yes please!

Here’s a PSP Minis video, just to remind you that they exist.

Source : Joystiq

Last Updated: December 7, 2009

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