PSP Vita to come in an array of colours

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The PS Vita is currently blowing people away in Japan at the TGS and I’m yet to see any sort of real complaint about the upcoming Sony handheld.

Nick posted up a mammoth post yesterday about all the technical specs and hardcore details about the PS Vita so if you haven’t seen that yet it’s well worth a read but I’m here to tell you about something far more important… pretty colours.

That’s right the PS Vita is a veritable smartie box of colours with options including red, orange, green, silver, light blue, purple and black lining the walls at TGS right now.

I haven’t heard which colours Sony are going to launch with yet but I’d be surprised to see this array of colours from the get go with Sony more likely to simply offer it in any colour as long as that colours black from the start and then adding colours as we go along.

But if you could choose any colour from that header image which one would it be?

Also, the name still sucks

Source: CheapyD Twitter

Last Updated: September 15, 2011

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