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PSPGo sales tank in Australia- retailers convinced it will fail

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Gaming retailers from all over the world have been refusing to stock the PSPGo mainly because it’s insane to believe they will stock a device that will hasten the collapse of their business model.

However that little problem didn’t stop Sony from pricing it completely out of proportion with the rest of the offerings on the market which has pretty much sentenced it to a miserable, high profile death.

The first sales figures from Australia are in and they are not good… According to GfK the launch sales figures for the PSPGo are under 1000 units.

However Sony is disputing this with Michael Ephraim, MD of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and New Zealand announcing that the sales were

“not under 1000 but it’s slightly over 1000”

That’s much better isn’t it… compare that to reports of the PS3 Slim selling 10 000 units a week in the area and you start to realise how badly the handheld is doing.

He does go on to ramble about how the tech world will catch up to the PSPGo one day and then all will be well… but really it’s pretty embarrassing.

In other news, the head of the largest UK games retailer “Chips” has told the press that he is 99.9% sure the PSPGo will fail… which leads me to believe his company won’t be investing to much in ensuring it doesn’t.

Source: TheAge

Last Updated: October 21, 2009

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