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PUBG has a “very sophisticated technical response” for catching cheaters

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There’s a ton of great ways to make money these days, whether it be in stockpiling LEGO, therapy for people who believed that cryptocurrencies would set them free or selling your gamer girl bathwater. Maybe scratch that last one, because I’m sitting with boxes of my bathwater and it seems nobody wants to buy vials of liquid that contain trace amounts of leg hair. Mostly leg hair.

Anyway, on the digital frontier, there are trainers and cheats for games. For the desperate gamer who wants to chase the high of being number one in a digital battleground, trainers are a godsend. A lot of them are available for free and if you’re using them to help you get past that one hurdle in a single-player game that has left you stumped, then all the power to you friendo.

Then there are those trainers which give you a leg-up in online competition. The steroids of the digital era, the only way that a competitive player could make their reputation even worse after being busted for using a trainer, is to take a tire iron to their opponent’s index fingers. PUBG happens to have a problem with unscrupulous vendors selling an injection of advantage to the tune of many many dollar dollar.

So how does a company like PUBG Corp. stay on top of the cheating scene and weed out the guilty? With a little bit of trickery of their own.

In the video above, PUBG Corp. details how the studio works behind the scenes to investigate cheating. “We’re always looking for ways to provide the most positive gameplay experience we can for our community,” said Dohyung Lee, head of PUBG’s anti-cheat unit, via Eurogamer. “The Anti-Cheat Unit identifies suspicious player behaviour through player reports and our internal systems,” added Wonha Ryu, anti-cheat operation manager.

When we find something, we review the related logs obtain the hack tool or device used, and start our investigation. The Analysis Team and Engineering Team analyse the hack tool and start developing a response logic.

PUBG Corp. won’t reveal every trick up their sleeve, as that would just result in cheaters working on countermeasures of their own in a neverending arms race, but the idea of a constantly evolving system that uses AI to have a constant one-up on the offending parties? Now that’s just fascinating.

Last Updated: July 15, 2019

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