Public Relations Bull**** affecting game reviews

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Stephen Totilo posted a short piece about communications between game companies and game reviewers on his MTV blog today.

Now what this is, is an example of the kind of crap that goes on in the industry every single day. What happened is that Totilo was interviewing Alex Navarro, formerly of Gamespot. When the topic was being spoken of, Alex produced a piece of paper, which was a note from an unnamed PR person who was involved in a particular Wii launch game.

When Navarro asked when he could release the game review, he was told the following:

“If the review is 9.0 or higher you can post immediately. Lower than 9.0, could you please hold until launch day, November 19th? Thanks.”

Scenarios like this basically destroy the entire concept of game reviews. What is the use of a review if it’s sole purpose is to let most people know that have already bought a game that it is a pile of guano.

We can only hope that something will be done in future to protect reviewers from having to deal with issues like this.

source: MTV multiplayer blog via Kotaku

Last Updated: May 28, 2008

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