Q&A With Microsoft South Africa

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I was lucky enough to be invited to Microsoft South Africa this morning for something I cannot tell you about…. But I will soon.

Anyway while I was there we had a short Q&A session and I thought I would share some of the answers with you lot… Obviously they had a lot more marketing talk in the answers but here is the general idea.

Q. When is the EU price cut going to filter down to us?
A. Never. SA was cheaper than the EU up until this recent price cut and now we are on the same level.

Q. When are the HDMI enabled Xbox 360’s hitting our shelves?
A. [silence]…. They can’t tell us otherwise prospective buyers would hold out. However as you can see from the article I published yesterday, HDMI is really not worth holding out for.

Q. What happened to the Bioshock and Darkness releases?
A. The publishers had originally planned for Megarom to distribute these titles but changed their mind at the last minute. Microsoft SA unfortunately did not have enough warning to get these out on time. They don’t expect this to happen again.

Q. Official Live support in South Africa?
A. Blame Telkom… Okay they didn’t say that but they should have done. Seriously they are doing their best and are pushing very hard to get it done. Our country is impressing Microsoft worldwide with our purchasing power and advanced retail systems so we are being moved up the list. Microsoft SA are happy that we have a thriving Live community though. It does help our cause.

Q. Are we getting all the Halo 3 accessories?
A. Yes, Obviously they are all limited but SA is getting its fair share. Look out for these at BT Games and Incredible Connection.

Q. How is the 360 doing here?
A. Way better than expectations, The elite more than doubled their forecasted sales. SA’s game attachment rate is also as high as the EU and US which is great for getting Live. The 360 currently accounts for 20% of all console sales (which includes the PS2)

Q. Have the reliability problems been addressed?
A. The hardware inside the consoles is being improved constantly however since the release of the Elite the RROD problems have decreased.

That’s all I can remember now that we are allowed to share. Oh the last thing was that Forza 2 actually sold more in South Africa than Gears of War which suprised most of us. This is actually very good news since it shows that we are a mature gaming market.

 [Updated to fix the terrible grammar, sorry]

Last Updated: September 19, 2007

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