Qix++ Available on XBLA

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Today sees the release of yet another updated arcade classic making its way to Xbox Live Arcade. This time it’s Qix, which for those you too young to remember is a game where you have to use your diamond-shaped marker to capture areas on the playing field by drawing lines, known as Stix – all while avoiding enemies known as sparx.  Captured areas are then closed off, awarding points -and this continues until the majority of the playing field has been captured.

Yes, this is the game that eventually spawned Gals Panic, only without the digital recreations of semi-naked ladies, making it rather pointless. Anyway, if you’re interested Qix++ is available now on XBLA for 800 MS Banana Dollars.

While I was a little small to remember playing Qix in the arcades, I do have fond – and frustrated – memories of many, many 20c pieces going down the coin-chute throat of its updated sibling, VolfieD…and of course, the aforementioned Gals Panic.

Last Updated: December 9, 2009

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