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Quake Champions is more hero and less arena shooter

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Quake Champions is more hero, less arena shooter

Quake Champions is tapping a long legacy of fast arena-based multiplayer with its name, but this revival revealed by Bethesda at E3 is tweaking the formula in massive ways to make it a little more modern. In what is a rising trend, Quake Champions is adopting the framework of a hero shooter – featuring classes, special abilities and teamwork. It doesn’t sound like Quake really, even though its four revealed characters come straight from its past.

In the latest video since the reveal itself, creative director Tim Willits showcases the game’s first four characters and their abilities. Although there’s no new footage, there’s a better sense of what iD Software are trying to create with this PC exclusive, multiplayer-only title. It still has the Quake name (which itself comes with a twisting, changing history), but it’s not the same strictly arena-based gameplay that you remember.

The Ranger (or QuakeGuy from the original) for example, features a Dire Orb which allows you to teleport instantly to an area (think telefrags from the first Quake). Visor, another character from Quake’s past, features Piercing Sight, which will give you vision through walls and other enemies. Newcomers Nyx and Scale Bearer can blink through enemies and ram into opponents respectively.

You don’t have to think really hard to start drawing parallels between Quakes characters and other recent hero shooters (Nyx and Scale Bearer, for example, sound a lot like Tracer and Reinhardt from Overwatch), but there are some slight differences to the encompassing formula. As a small example, Willits explains that maps will still be littered with weapons that anyone can pick up, which fundamentally changes the way you play a class.

That sounds interesting on the surface, but I’m cautiously waiting to see how it plays out in reality. Balance on that scale can’t be easy, but with the recent triumphs that iD Software has managed to pull off I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

Last Updated: July 26, 2016

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