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Quantum Theory Screenshot Blowout

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Being an overly excitable Gears of War fan means that I am really struggling to see past the Gears looking characters in Quantum Theory and see it’s originality for what it is or may be.

If you are also struggling then this post is here to help you, we have 12 brand spanking new screenshots to show you and they are all after the break.

4619356363_c70556c70f_o 4619356531_aa645d2df6_o 4619356921_bc6659b7b4_o 4619357105_c5c7fb4f23_o 4619357441_f6fdcfda4c_o 4619357727_114fa7699d_o 4619357911_1f9bb9f278_o 4619358033_956e85756e_o 4619358271_9b3a64c0e2_o 4619358703_304ae1c2af_o 4619970338_9726ee0294_o 4619993788_9841eaac9d_o

Loving it… click them to make them big and scrollable.

Source: AllGamesBeta

Last Updated: May 20, 2010

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