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Community giveaways are back! That’s right, we have another fantastic present for you guys because not only do we love our community, but you all seem to enjoy each other, too.

A donor who wishes to remain anonymous has generously given us a the full Quest for Glory pack from This includes:

  • Quest for Glory 1-5
  • Both the VGA and original version of Quest for Glory 1
  • 6 Manuals
  • 2 Maps
  • Reference Card
  • 3 Famous Explorers’ Correspondence Courses
  • Hero Journal

Whether or not you win, you can also download Quest for Glory II, for free, here.

Alright, so how do you enter? Well, I’m trying to figure out our community get togethers, and I’d like ideas from you all. What are some venues near you that you think would be nice? We’re trying to spread out our events at various locations, but obviously only know our locals best. This isn’t just limited to Joburg – would you like to see events in Durban, Bloem, or PE? Would you be interested in organizing it? Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of picking a pub/bar/restaurant/venue and showing up. We’d love to see more community get togethers, not just in Joburg but around the country. Where would you like to see our shindigs take place?

Oh, and would you like to do anything other than drink and eat? We got some cool adventure offers for our next get together, but it may involve costs and physical exertion. Yay or nay?

All comments welcome and multiple entries will be counted – as the prize is digital, our global community is invited to participate, too. Wow, I’d love to see a lazygamer community event in another country!

Last Updated: February 4, 2014

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