So yesterday we continued our series investigating the local MSSA with a post about their insane contract requirements for official players. At the time Colin requested to contact Darryn to discuss the issue and was told he needed to contact me as I was running with this.


At the time of writing this no contact had been made but what I did notice is that he did respond to a request for comment from mygaming where he wasn’t shy in clarifying how he felt.

When asked about our article Colin stated

“The article seems to be a little malicious. Not only does the author not understand the clauses, but [the author] gives very inaccurate interpretations”


So this article went on for a while defending our principles and having a go at the MSSA again. But I’ve been having an internal chat with the team and an external chat with a journalist from somewhere else and a valid point was raised.

When do we cross the line between reporting on problems in an organisation and it turning into a witch hunt? We have a lot more information about the MSSA that we were planning on reporting on but while it is all factual it may not be in the best interests of our readers to constantly be barraged by negative information about the MSSA.

We take great pride in helping raise the profile of gaming and eSports in the country and the MSSA shouldn’t be able to ruin that positive vibe for us.

So we’re going to be taking a break from this for a while. I’ve officially lodged a request with the government to view the accounts of the MSSA as we’ve received a few accusations of corruption aimed at them. The government has been amazingly professional in handling this request and I received news this morning that the request is now sitting with the MSSA to respond.

So until then, unless something untoward happens, we are going to take a break in reporting on the MSSA.

[Update] Prior to this article going live I received notice from Colin Webster of the MSSA that they are intending to file legal notice against us for our reporting on them. I’ve responded promptly with the information requested and we will keep you up to date with the Colin’s attempt to gag our rights to freedom of the press. 

Full request follows, pity he didn’t specify that it was private communication.

Dear Mr Mannion

This is not the first time that you have printed a malicious article about the MSSA on your blob!

Please note that the MSSA reserves its rights.

I too need the following from you:

  • The type of legal entity under which LazyGamer is operating,
  • The address for service of notice, and
  • The contact details for your legal counsel.

I suggest that you get proper legal advice.

I look forward to your prompt response.

Best regards

C A Webster

And now I’ve also been contacted by a Carl Holliday who is a lawyer but who refuses to confirm if he is the lawyer for the MSSA. Apparently I need legal counsel for a yet unnamed reason.

So maybe my break in reporting on the MSSA is going to be retracted really quickly, we are scared of many things here at Lazygamer such as spiders, heights and old people eating. But one thing we are not is scared of legal threats and if anything more arrives please be assured it will be posted up and we will keep you in the loop.

[Update 2] Carl Holliday has requested that I post the following “Please quote me as saying that you lack an understanding of legal concepts.”, it’s my pleasure Carl.

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Last Updated: September 13, 2013

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