R.U.S.E Mouse winner announced

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We have been accepting entries into what may have been our first ever hardware competition over the last week.

But now with that awesome Black Ops Prestige edition up for grabs it’s time to wrap this one up and hand over the limited edition RUSE mouse to one lucky winner.

And that winner is Wade Kruger for being randomly drawn from the list of people who correctly stated that Megarom are the company responsible for distributing RUSE locally as well as supplying us with the prize.

I took Ubisoft as a correct answer as well because they are the international distributor, however I didn’t accept Lazygamer as the answer. As awesome as we may be we don’t distribute games from our basements…

A big thank you to Megarom for sponsoring the prize, and the Black Ops Prestige Edition.

Last Updated: November 9, 2010

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