rAge Cosplay Entrants – Can you name them all?

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A gaming convention isn’t a real gaming convention unless a whole pile of amazingly dedicated individuals dress up and arrive as their favourite gaming characters.

And rAge was no exception, NAG has put up a smorgasbord of images detailing most if not all of the entrants, I have randomly selected a few after the break but if you want to see them all you will need to click through the link at the bottom.

A big congratulations to all of you who got all dressed up and entered, you are a braver man/lady than I.

Cosplay1 cosplay2 cosplay3 cosplay4 cosplay5 cosplay6 cosplay7

Check out the rest of the entrants and some random rAge photo’s here

And I give up, who’s the guy with the red cape and underwear outside his pants?

Last Updated: October 7, 2009

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