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rAge eSports results roundup

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For hundreds of local gamers rAge is not only an expo, but probably the biggest weekend in eSports of the year. Competitors all over the country meet face to face to battle it out for the top position in their fields of play. It’s the finals of just about everything. It’s the big gathering every one has waited months for.

This year saw many new faces and teams competing and huge prize purses for every one. While NGL boasted a R45 700 prize pool for the League of Legends finals, the Do Gaming Championship handed out R290 000 in cash and over R250 000 in hardware prizes. Telkom’s Ricus Groenewald commented that this year marked the fifth year of the championships and that collective prizes far exceeded R1 million. This is all, of course, thanks to sponsors like Alienware, Logitech, EA, Gaming Inc., Monster Energy, Megarom and Telkom themselves.

Let’s take a look at who got to walk away with those chests full of loot.

Do Gaming Championship

Breakdown of teams who competed:

  • Battlefield 3 sponsored by EA, Gaming Inc and Alienware: 16 teams
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sponsored by Monster Energy, Megarom and Alienware: 32 teams
  • Call of Duty 4 sponsored by Telkom and Alienware: 24 teams
  • FIFA 12 Xbox 360 sponsored by Telkom: 32 players
  • FIFA 12 PS3 Sponsored by Telkom: 32 Players
  • Gran Turismo 5 sponsored by Telkom: 10 Players
  • StarCraft 2 sponsored by Alienware and Logitech: 32 players

First place winners and winnings: 

Battlefield 3:
Bravado – R45, 000 plus eight Alienware X51 PC’s

Modern Warfare 3:
Monster Gaming Energy – R27, 000 (Plus 5X Alienware X51 PC’s and 60 cases of Monster Energy drinks)

Call of Duty 4:
Bravado – R18, 000 (plus the five Alienware X51 desktops sponsored by Alienware)

FIFA 12 Xbox 360:
Irshaad ‘IRI_007’ Mahomed – R5850

FIFA 12 PS3:
Riaasat “MOMZAY” Ebrahim – R5850

David “GTAS_Peetham” Peetham – R6300

StarCraft II:
Radhe ‘DvG?illidanRA’ Stringer – R22,500 (and an Alienware X51 PC)

NAG Gaming League 

Breakdown of teams who competed:

League of Legends – Premier Division:

  • Wicked Sick Gaming
  • KK Pwnage
  • Zampers
  • JUZU
  • Renegade Gaming

First Division:

  • League of Feeders
  • Have Fun Mid
  • A10 Tank Killers
  • llusion Gaming
  • Zampers CTE

Second Division:

  • Wookie Assault Team
  • Veneration E-Sports
  • Dark Forces IST
  • Zampers WEBU
  • Whites ‘n Indians

First place winners and winnings:

Premier Division:
Wicked Sick Gaming – (each player gets the following) R 1 500 Gift cards from Afrihost (Prepaid Debit Mastercard), NAG Magazine 1 year subscription

First Division:
League of Feeders – (each player gets the following) Razer Collectible Edition Messenger bag, Razer Mouse Bungee, Skullcandy Hesh headset, ADATA Classic 16GB C802 USB Flash Drive, NGL A3 Xpad League of Legends mousepad

Second Division:
Wookie Assault Team – (each player gets the following) €20 Riot Points + Triumphant Ryze

Closing word stuff

Despite the general consensus on eSports in South Africa of our country not being on par with the rest of the world, things are changing at a rapid rate. More and more sponsors are willing to throw glorious cash at us for being awesome and our gamers, thanks to the MSSA are successfully competing internationally. The leagues at rAge, specially the DGC are proof that our dreams of competing for a living is close to becoming a reality. Some of the winnings of this one tournament (per title) are higher than many people’s monthly incomes. Should these tournaments become a more regular thing, we just might see some gamers making a career out of eSports.

Here’s to S.A gaming!

Last Updated: October 9, 2012

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