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Rage isn’t ‘dead’ says Id

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It's merely resting

There have been some fantastic games this generation. There have also been some games which could have been much more, but completely missed the mark and wasted that potential to transcend the genre. Rage is one such game, a 2011 Id Software title that attempted to be the future of first-person shooters, but felt like more of a relic in patchy graphics. The game ain’t dead though.

Speaking to Joystiq at Quakecon 2013, Id co-founder Tim Willits said that there was a chance that Id would one day return to the world of Rage. But for now, the team behind the game was proud of what they accomplished with the game and id Tech 5. “I’m proud of what we did, I’m proud of the universe that we built,” Willits said.

The franchise is not dead. We’re not doing anything immediately with it, but when I designed the universe, I designed it in such a way that it would be easy to step back into. I’m still proud that we did something that was different – it wasn’t like the games that we’ve done in the past.

We really tried to do one engine that worked for everything. It really helps establish a robust tech that, as John [Carmack] said last night, we’re adding stuff into it based on the new consoles, and it’s allowed people to make different games because the technology is flexible and robust and works on everything.

That should be news that appeases all the Rage fans. All tens of them. Rage was a dissapointment to me really. It had some great idea and, some fantastic moments. But it was all hamstrung by various technical  and gameplay problems that watered down the experience.

I’d love to see a sequel, but one that has clearly learnt from the mistakes of the original.

Last Updated: August 5, 2013

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