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Rainbow Six Siege’s biggest meme has been overhauled, Lord Tachanka is reborn!

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I’ve barely sunk any time into Rainbow Six Siege (mainly due to how impenetrable that game is for new players) but even I know of the great meme that was Tachanka. The Russian operator and his tripod-mounter LMG have been considered the worst character in the game for nearly five years now, prompting Ubisoft to finally make some changes. He’s been sitting on the test server for over a month now but he’s finally making his return to the core game with a cool new suite of abilities. Hopefully, this means people will actually pick him now, we’re all scared he was feeling left out.


The biggest change comes in the form of Tachanka’s primary weapon. While it used to be a SASG-12 shotgun, that’s been replaced by the DP27-LMG. That’s right, the gun you previously had to mount in place is now free to swing around at your pleasure. It’s pretty good at tearing both through enemies and weaker walls, just so you know. He’s also been equipped with a Shumikha Launcher, which fires incendiary grenades for some decent area denial. It can only fire a maximum of five rounds before needing a reload, so be sure to make them count because it takes a while to finish that animation up.


Unfortunately, not everything escaped the fire. Ubisoft explained that due to “unavoidable constraints, voice lines have been recorded with a new voice actor for Tachanka upon the release of his rework. We thank Anatoly Zinoviev for his past work as Tachanka’s voice actor and for the passion he was able to provide to both the role and to the community.” I haven’t heard his new voice but I’m sure it’s not too bad. Oh, and they also removed his passive “Withstand” ability that he used on the test server.

The full patch notes for Tachanka can be found here if they interest you. May Lord Tachanka continue to bless us in the future.

Last Updated: November 18, 2020

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