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Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 – Preview

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By Philip Dunkley

Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

Ubisoft has really landed on a winner with the Tom Clancy franchise of Games. With a new IP coming out this year in the form of EndWar, they look to continue the success that they have already had with past games and will surely want the current series in the franchise to keep performing as well as they previously have.

We have just had a chance to get a hands-on preview of one these series, namely the Rainbow Six: Vegas franchise, and had a chance to play the second outing to the town aptly named Sin City.

I really enjoyed the first Rainbow Six Vegas, and it kept me busy for ages, purely because Las Vegas is one of those undeniably attractive places and generally receives a lot of interest not just from the general public, but from most of the elite socialites in the world. Also, I was always interested at how the developers would be recreating one of the world’s brightest and glitziest places.

Get Down

I was not disappointed in the first outing, and it exceeded my expectations by a mile, and it turned out to be one of the games that sold me on Next Gen. It was not only a great looking game, but it was well executed and constructed, bringing team based combat to the masses, taking away the complexity often associated with this genre.

Now we return to the series with its second outing, and I’m not allowed to say too much about it, but from the hour and a half I played, it’s looking and feeling really good. The graphics have been stepped up a notch, and the game play is just as good, if not better than the last game. The overall experience is still just as engaging as the first title, with a couple of new features that extend the playability of the game, and really capture the setting and pace the game is played in. Vegas has never looked this good.

Get ready for this one, I was only playing code, and it performed very well, so I can’t wait for the retail release of this game. I know where I’ll be on launch day. Cough Cough, I can feel my flu coming on already, looks like I’m going to need a few sick days!

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 launches on the 28th March 2008, from Megarom Interactive, put it in your diaries now.

Last Updated: March 12, 2008

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