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Random Monday Thought: Who pays for mistakes

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Yay it’s finally Monday again and that boredom inducing weekend is finally over and we can finally get back to work – said no one ever… but while I now have a job to do I’ve been procrastinating all morning trying to find some interesting gaming news and I stumbled across a story that got me thinking.

The story isn’t overly interesting and it relates to the Croation Sony team having a bit of a moment on Friday and accidently changing the price of all their digital games to reflect the number value of the American store.

So Hitman: Absolution was being sold for 80KN because it’s $80 in America. The problem is the KN (whatever that is) is about as strong as our Rand so these games were actually being sold for $13.

Queue the masses creating hundreds of PSN accounts to buy the game and then resell it on the black market for a substantial profit. The Croation team suspended the ability for accounts to purchase new PSN funds to stop the onslaught and have now fixed everything.

Hooray for the consumers who scored cheap games but it got me thinking, who now pays for that mistake?

Should IO Interactive just accept the fact that they are reporting 100 000 (theoretical number) sales but are only getting paid $130 000 instead of $800 000 or should they demand Sony cover the missing $670 000 as it was their mistake?

As they were digital downloads it isn’t like anyone lost any physical assets to they aren’t going to go into debt due to this error but it’s logical to assume that at least some of those people who bought it cheap were going to pay the real price (not to mention whoever now buys it on the black market) So there are definitely lost sales here.

Should Sony just simply remove the game from everyone who bought it at this price and refund them? They most probably can legally do that but it obviously comes with another un-measurable expense, that of public opinion.

Is it immoral for us to try buy games when we know full well that the price in a result of a mistake?

So many questions for a Monday…. also I’m glad I’m not average.

Last Updated: November 26, 2012

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