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Randy Pitchford insists that Battleborn is NOT going free-to-play

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I feel bad for Battleborn, I really do, because despite it being a solid title many straight up wrote it off in favour of Blizzard’s Overwatch (which launched in the same period). As a result, Gearbox’s shooter has all but been forgotten.

The easiest way to remedy the dire situation Battleborn finds itself in I believe, would be to take the free-to-play route. That model has worked for, oh I don’t know, just about every mainstream MOBA in existence (and many other titles too). Call me crazy, but I really do think Gearbox should follow suit if they want their shooter to find some proper loving.

And it looked like they were going to, at least according to Kotaku. They had a source tell them that Battleborn would be going free-to-play as soon as mid-November. CEO Randy Pitchford has since come out though and said that’s just not happening (via Game Informer):

So, there’s no free-to-play coming to Battleborn unfortunately. There is an alternate plan in the works for the shooter however:

Maybe this free trial will let people play until a certain level (just like WoW), or give them access to handful of heroes? Gearbox have yet to confirm. Whatever it entails, I just hope it’s enough to get people interested in Battleborn.

Otherwise, it will inevitably need to go down the free-to-play road it’s so desperately trying to avoid.

Last Updated: September 30, 2016

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