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Rapper Soulja Boy is now selling his own gaming handheld and home consoles

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Soulja Boy (that’s DeAndre Cortez Way to his mum) is an American rapper and entertainer who broke into the scene with the smash hit “Crank That (Soulja Boy).” He’s been successful since, but nothing’s quite matched his initial peak. An enterprising fellow, he’s now selling smartwatches, phones…and game consoles.


Soulja boy revealed his new line of video game consoles this week. He’s calling the pair of systems – a handheld and a home console – SouljaGame. The only problem? They’re cheaply made Chinese consoles stuffed with emulators and illicit roms. The handeld comes with 3000 unlicened roms on it, spanning systems like the Neo Geo, Mega Drive, Capcom System 1, Gameboy colour and Famicom (NES). It retails for $199 (though it’s on special for $99).


The home console looks like an Xbox One S knockoff, and comes loaded with over 800 arcade, console and handled games. It comes with a controller that’s based on Sony’s Dualshock.

While I appreciate the dude’s hustle, selling systems loaded with unlicenced roms is neither smart nor savvy. My only hope is that such a high-profile person selling these systems gets the licence holders to prod at them a little more.

That said, Soulja Boy is obviously proud of his new side business of selling rebranded, cheap Chinese emulation boxes at a sizeable markup.



Last Updated: December 6, 2018

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