Ratchet and Clank : A Crack in Time to be Insomniac’s Last 60fps Game

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This generation, Insomniac games has given us some pretty good gaming. They’ve been responsible for the Resistance games, as well as the Ratchet and Clank Series; both franchises well received, graphically appealing and above all, smooth as butter.

The reason they’ve been so smooth? Insomniac have been striving to attain 60fps in all of their games; something that they’re unfortunately no longer going to be doing.

It seams, after some investigative research (in the name of science!) Insomniac have come to the conclusion that 60fps doesn’t matter; particularly when it comes to sales and reviews. Mike Acton of Insomniac relates :

“Our community team did some research into the question of framerate. And in particular they found that there was a clear correlation between graphics scores in reviews (where they are provided) and the final scores. And they found no such correlation between framerate and the graphics scores nor the final scores.”

“However it does appear that gameplay scores are also influenced by graphics scores. i.e. Better looking games appear to be more ‘fun’ to reviewers, in general,” he added.

Insomniac will, it seems, use the extra horsepower they’re afforded by not locking at 60 fps to increase the graphical fidelity – Something I’ll have to see to believe, because I already find R&C to be incredibly impressive. Although that probably stems from its locked 60fps. Catch 22, methinks.

What say you, dear readers? Which matters to you more – Sexy graphics or a sleek, smooth 60 frames per second?

Read more over at Insomniac, where they go in to the Science! of it a little more.

Last Updated: October 30, 2009

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