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Just because you happen to have a box filled with Gyrados in Pokémon X and Y, doesn’t mean that you’re rocking an equal set of powerhouses. Each Pokémon is different, believe it or not, and it all comes down to some very particular stats. And if you want to max them out, you’re going to need to know which of your pocket monsters is the best. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to check those IV stats.

First off, IV stats. If you’re wondering what those are, think of them as the bits of DNA inside a Pokémon that differentiates between the gifted battle monsters and the ones that get an award for participation in a battle.

IV stats are hidden points that help determine just how much more potent their speed or attack power is, and are far more advanced than the general numbers you see in the summary of your Pokémon. Most players will never know these numbers, but there is one way now to get a better understanding of your Pokémon IV stats.

Reddit person MistaWhiska created the following guide, which is based on interactions with an Ace Trainer. Once you’ve beaten the Elite Four, players can travel to the Kiloude City Pokémon center and talk to the “IV Judge”. Here’s the image demonstrating his infinite V wisdom:

IV Judge

Obviously, there’s a lot more to Pokémon than IV stats, such as sending the correct types into battle, attack strategies and decent use of items which can be equipped to maximise your collection of battle monsters. But at least it’s nice to know if you’re raising a mini Steven Gerrard for battle or sending the equivalent of Glass Joe onto the field.

Last Updated: January 29, 2014

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