Rayman Origins was thankfully profitable

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There are days that I hate you, yes you, you who complains bitterly about every Call of Duty being a rehash and wanting something truly unique to be developed.

And then doesn’t buy the incredible titles of this generation like Rayman Origins, Heavy Rain and Mirror’s Edge.

But thankfully today I can stop hating you for a little bit as Ubisoft has confirmed in an investors call that Rayman Origins has been profitable and that they are expecting it to be an evergreen title that will continue to bring in income for years to come.

However its slow sales will have put a dampener on there being a sequel anytime soon and that does make me a little sad. Not as sad as the fact that my copy of Rayman Origins was taken back by the evil local distributor and now I’m origin-less but  that at least can be rectified… after payday.

Last Updated: February 20, 2012

Gavin Mannion

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