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Razer’s Project Brooklyn looks expensively awesome

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You ever seen WALL-E? It’s a cute little Pixar movie about a robot that heads off into space on an adventure and along the way discovers what has become of humanity in the far future: We’re all confined to hyper-advanced chairs that keep us from exercising and ensure we’re constantly being fed a stream of entertainment.

Now, I’m not saying that Razer is the evil AI that keeps humanity in such a subservient position but I am saying that if Project Brooklyn did show up at my house tomorrow I would have no problems bending the knee to my new robot overlords.


Project Brooklyn has been designed to offer one of the most immersive gaming experiences possible. From a distance, it looks like one of those fancy gaming chairs you’ve wanted to buy for years but your sense of interior decoration always prevents you from swiping that card.

Yet digging into the actual chair, you’ll find a 60-inch OLED screen that will fold out from behind the back of the headrest. At the press of a button, the screen raises up and unfolds around the player and a tray sprouts from either armrest to connect in the middle and offer a platform for a mouse and keyboard. Or snacks if you’d rather catch up on intergalactic Pixar movies. Oh, and it’ll also include haptic feedback all over the chair so it won’t just be the controller that rumbles but your whole body.


When can you expect to see Project Brooklyn available for purchase? Probably never. If by some technical miracle someone actually invents a screen that’s capable of unfolding like that, then it’ll be a long time in the future. Razer showed off this new design at the Consumer Electronics Show 2021 a place to provide consumers with updates on new products and show off some neat designs even if they’ll never be made. Project Brooklyn likely falls in the latter of those categories.

Last Updated: January 13, 2021

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