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RE Revelations 2 finally gets patched for online co-op in Raid Mode

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I quite enjoyed Resident Evil Revelations 2. While it certainly had some issues, it turned out to be a solid, well priced title packed with more content than you can shake an Order at. Beyond the lengthy campaign is Raid Mode – a mode that consists of bite sized missions filled with enemies, loot, and xp grinding. It’s horribly addictive – at least in short spurts. The option of playing this mode online with a friend was lacking unfortunately… till now.

Capcom have finally released patch 3.0. It not only allows you to search the vast, scary pool that is the Internet for a virtual pewpew buddy, but also ups the difficulty in Raid Mode for those who want a greater challenge.

Players can now enjoy online co-op play in Raid Mode. In addition to enabling online play, this update will also up the difficulty of all the “Code Red” stages in Raid Mode – something fans who want more of a challenge have been clamouring for. After applying the update, you’ll be able to test your might against these harder stages just by being online.

This patch coincides with the launch of Online Events on the official website.  The premise is simple; complete new daily quests to unlock extra goodies. We’re not just talking the typical Raid Mode missions either. I for one am interested to see how the huge creatures levels play out!


I think it’s a nice way to keep players interested in the game – you know, without charging for DLC or any nonsense like that. I just hope that there are enough people online to make finding a game a painless process. Even if you do decide to go solo though, the promise of new quests each day is rather appealing.

Are you still playing Revelations 2? Will this update pull you back in for a few more hours?

Last Updated: April 1, 2015

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