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Real Marines With Head Cams = Real Modern Warfare Footage

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Us gamers think that we are pretty awesome. Heck, if we can a headshot over and over again in Modern Warfare 2 the we would obviously also rock in the real world, just hand us a rifle and off we will happily go.

The truth is that in real life, your life is in real danger, and the slightest of errors could have some gun-weilding scumbag ending your world. When I say errors, I don’t mean missing the awesome headshot, I mean simply looking the wrong way for a split second.

The video posted below was taken via a head-cam worn by a Dutch Marine during a mission to clear a large ship of pirates. If this video looks all too familiar to you, it’s probably because it bares an uncanny resemblance to the first mission from Modern Warfare, complete with Helicopter drop-in but minus the rainy night.

Don’t expect mass blood shed or super duper kills, but it’s still well worth watching for the sake of comparing the tension with that of a game.

Video through the link.

Last Updated: May 3, 2010

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