Real Time Worlds is gone… sad end to a highly respected studio

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Ben Bateman from Real Time Worlds has tweeted some sad news this morning. Unfortunately their latest escapade, APB, has not been well received by the gaming community and as such they have had to call in the administrators to see if they can somehow save the company.

However that has proven to be an impossible task and as of right now Real Time Worlds is now more, there webpage has even been taken down.

Last I heard APB was now a free title for all to play until the servers get shut down but if you haven’t downloaded it already it’s more than likely the servers will be shut down before you get much gameplay out of it.

There was a sliver of good news however with a side project of RTW, MyWorld, being successfully sold off to a new company which saves some of the employees from the unemployment line.

I will forever remember the awesome APB party we went to at E3 but unfortunately as soon as they announced APB wasn’t coming to consoles I did start to lose interest in the title.

It’s a sad end to the developer who brought us the incredibly fun Crackdown.

Source: Ben Bateman

Last Updated: September 17, 2010

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