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Recommended Reading – Injustice: Gods Among Us

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One of the best fighting games on the market right now has to be Injustice: Gods Among Us. And it’s not just because of the fact that it has solid gameplay and visuals. It’s because it has something which other genre games lack: A great story. And that storyline is wonderfully fleshed out in the official adaptation.

Didn’t play Injustice? SHAME ON YOU! SHAME. I mean you really should. Dealing with a new world where Superman has finally snapped and implemented a new world order with his Kryptonian boots. Various heroes and villains are either dead or with Superman and his powered-up army of personal soldiers, with only Batman and his ragtag group of heroes left to oppose the last son of Krypton.

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That’s pretty much where the game kicks off, but the comics take place five years earlier, and examine just how much tragedy can break even a man of steel. Written by Tom Taylor, the comic kicks off with Superman having the best day of his life once he realises that his wife Lois Lane is pregnant.

It’s the Superman you all know and love, confident, unstoppable and filled with hope. And then it all gets taken away from him in one moment, thanks to the Joker. Bored with his biweekly ass-kickings from the Batman, Joker sets his eyes on the favourite son of Metropolis, orchestrating a plot that leaves Lois and her unborn super-child dead, while Metropolis gets the mother of all nuclear bitch-slaps and is entirely decimated.

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The twist here though, even after taking bloody revenge, is that Superman doesn’t become a moustache-twirling villain over night. Sure, there’s violence after he sobers up and looks at the world in a new light, but it’s a gradual change that takes place over a year. Throughout the first season of this comic, there’s still some hope that Superman can rise above his hate and pain, and be the hero that everyone else aspires to be. But it’s too late.

Thanks to Wonder Woman egging him on to take a more active role in the world, and support from other heroes, Superman slowly does become the dictator that the game presented players with. But it’s due to some damn good writing and art that we see this happen.

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Of course, Batman is the contrarian who makes a point with his fists and gadgets, setting up a simmering feud between the two heroes that ends the only way it can near the end of year one. Green Arrow proves that the greatest hero is defined by his actions in a few memorable issues where even his resolve cannot be broken, the Bat-family is torn apart in one tragic issue and the Flash finds out that he can’t keep running away from all his problems.

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It may be the Batman and Superman show, but Injustice provides more than enough material to help flesh out the supporting cast. And stylistically, this is a comic that works perfectly in the electronic format. Thanks to the widescreen style in play here, I highly recommend the iOS/Android version of the comic.

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Tom Taylor’s scripts are brought to gorgeous life thanks to the art team that includes the likes of Jheremy Raapack, Bruno Redondo, David Yardan, Mike Miller and more. And it’s a comic that’s filled with fantastic moments. From Superman unleashed, Harley Quinn trying to adjust to a life without her puddin’ and trusty butler Alfred proving just how much of a badass he really is, Injustice has it all.

Last Updated: February 5, 2014

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