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Red Dead Online is saddling up and riding solo from December 1

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Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is officially ready to part from the Red Dead Redemption 2 posse and ride solo. The multiplayer add-on to Rockstar’s yeehaw sandbox, Red Dead Online won’t be going free to play but it’ll still be a lot cheaper than the traditional game, if interacting with dodgy online cowboys who all have anime references for names is more to your liking.

Rockstar’s plan is to offer Red Dead Online for $20, but there’ll be a 75% discount when it launches on December 1 and will last until February 15, 2021. Hey, $5 ain’t bad but it’s worth remembering that you’ll also need a valid PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription to actually take part in the game on console.

Here’s the kicker: You’re still going to need a lot of space to install the game, which will measure in at a hefty 123GB in size. Rockstar is also going all in on Red Dead Online, which took a long time to find its feed and build up a sizable community of varmints. The Bounty Hunter class is being expanded upon, and will allow players to earn ten more ranks within that field, track down new outlaws and earn double XP this week.

Overall, it’s a big move from Rockstar to decouple its online game offering from the regular single-player experience. Grand Theft Auto V has managed to be a popular mainstay on two console generations and is currently gearing up for a next-gen release on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, its legacy having been solidified by the stupid success of GTA Online. That particular mode is also going to venture into standalone waters, but it’ll only be out in 2021

What does this even mean for the future of a franchise like Grand Theft Auto when the online component continues to be far more lucrative than the traditional game model? Could GTA 6 be a pure multiplayer game if Rockstar ever decides to finally pull the trigger and move its massive audience to a brand new game? Heck if I know,but the online side of Rockstar’s games are clearly making mad bank and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see the focus shift more towards that side of the equation games as development continues to gather steam.

Last Updated: November 25, 2020

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