Red Dead Redemption coming to PC?

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Sure, GTA might let you steal cars and do yoga, but Red Dead Redemption saw you riding around, shooting birds from trains and killing Sasquatch. It was a pure joy to play, and now it seems that the game might finally be coming to PC.

Thanks to the good people of CVG, I can tell you that the Windows Compatibility Center, which lists tons of apps and devices so that you can see if it will work with your version of Windows, is now letting gamers check their compatibility for Read Dead Redemption. If you check out the partner’s submission page, it says that apps can only appear on the list by developer submission or Microsoft testing. So, if developers are testing Windows compatibility, it makes sense that it would show up on this list.

It’s been four years since Red Dead Redemption corralled us on console. It was a genius game, but has it been too long a wait for PC gamers? Could this maybe mean that Rockstar will release both Red Dead and GTA V on PC? I mean, as long as they’re looking at one PC port, why not go whole hog and release both of their highly sought-after games? Perhaps we’ll see a PC and new generation release for the awesomely degenerate sandboxes.

Would this be a game you’d still grab on PC? Did you feel horribly left out by your lack of spurs and wild horses? Or has that ship sailed and now you just long for the easy LA-inspired life of GTA V?

Last Updated: May 13, 2014

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