Red Dead Redemption’s gloriously rotten box art

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Sadly, we’ll probably never see physical copies of Red Dead Redemption with this delightful reimagining. We’ll just have to be content knowing that it’s the first bit of tease from Rockstar for the upcoming Undead Nightmare DLC due to hit their Western epic in the near future.

The Undead Nightmare content pack will add a set of new single-player missions in which Marston will have to battle the effects of a Zombie plague. The DLC will include new weapons, animals, zombies and new multiplayer modes.

Full version of the “box art” after the jump.

Isn’t it awesome? I particularly like how the pus-yellow offsets the exposed guts of Mr. Zombie. The worm-infested eye socket is also delightful! Good job Rockstar.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: September 29, 2010

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