Redeeming a code with Xbox One is ridiculously fast

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Xbox one kinect 2

Alright, we all know that you can tell your Xbox to turn itself on and off. Kind of like being married. In any event, it’s all possible because of the new Kinect, which can also scan your QR codes. It can do all this faster than you might imagine.

Just watch this vine from Major Nelson/Larry Hryb.

That’s right. It’s a simple “Xbox use a code” command, and within seconds it’s done. I would assume it can also read QR codes off of a phone or tablet if it can do so off of a piece of paper. This is pretty rad – no more fiddling with filling in codes manually.

You guys know I’m skeptical of the new Kinect – I don’t like the idea of it watching me. However, the functionality it adds is pretty impressive. It’s sorta like living in the future. I just hope it’s a nice future instead of all the dystopians we see in the games we play.

Last Updated: November 7, 2013

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