Relive the Dota 2 International with this top plays compilation

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I love DotaCinema on YouTube. They are my number one source for Dota 2 videos which include top plays, fails, and everything in-between. Lot’s of their footage gets love from W200me, who does some amazing editing on any video he touches. They’ve teamed up once more to put together all the top plays from The International.

The event this year was easily one of my favourites. The meta was just so exciting, favouring aggressive line-ups, and doing away with much of the snore fest that is farm Dota. The video takes the best of the best, all the way back from the qualifiers through to the finals.

The last game between Newbee and ViCi was kind of disappointing, at least when compared to the rest of the event. I was hoping for a much closer game, but hey, if I was playing for $5 million I would go out of my way to stomp the opposition too. Fear not though, the rest of the tournament was good enough to warrant the long video below

What many people may not realise is that sure, skill and teamwork play a large part in winning games, but communication is so important too. I can’t get over how some of these teams react so quickly and get support in the blink of an eye. Are they linked telepathically or something?

Got any favourite moments? I quite enjoyed most of the aegis snatches. You’d almost expect that to be minimal on a professional level, but it still happens, and it shows the risks that many are willing to take.

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Last Updated: August 4, 2014

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Defence of the Ancients? More like Defence of the cabbages! Have you seen my head? I look like a Merino Sheep on pole. NO SHANGE only SHAPPIES! :D

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