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Remedy Entertainment has signed a deal with a “major publisher” partner for two next-gen games

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Update: It’s Epic Games Publishing.

Original story follows below.

Quantum Break’s experimental merger between live-action and gaming may not to have been to everyone’s tastes, but last year’s Control proved that when the Finnish geniuses at Remedy Entertainment focus on nothing but gameplay, they’re masters of their craft. Designed as a game with a mid-tier scale and budget when compared to the bigger AAA tentpole franchises that dominate gaming today, Control was breathtaking.

It squeezed in a tight loop of action with mystery, scooped up several awards in the process and is pretty much a beloved cult classic in the same vein as Remedy’s other iconic properties, Max Payne and Alan Wake. The positive reception and feedback was just the shot in the arm that the studio needed to re-establish itself as a dominant player in the industry, and their presence will be felt again.

Remedy has revealed that two games are currently in development: One is a balls to the wall AAA project, whilst the other is a sister project on a smaller scale that’ll accompany it. The bigger sibling of the bunch is being positioned as a multi-platform title, with Remedy’s latest earnings call via the Video Games Chronicle explaining that production is going fairly well currently with around 20 people handling that project. The smaller game probably isn’t Project Vanguard, which is currently being positioned as a service-based multiplayer game with a staff of around 15 people.

Aside from confirmation that both of these new games will run on Remedy’s proprietary Northlight game engine, details on which company will distribute the games remained non-existent but Remedy did confirm that a deal had been signed with a “major publisher”. From the initial announcement, you can already gauge that rumours of Remedy being recruited as either a Sony or Microsoft exclusive studio are off the table, leaving a few other heavyweight possibilities in that realm of AAA game development.

Activision is in dire need of new titles with which to strengthen its library now that Destiny is no longer one of their prime franchises, Take-Two Interactive has enough cash to flex a deal with Remedy and Square Enix is no stranger to doing business with other studios. Who’s in cahoots, and what are they working on? No idea, but after the success of Control I am beyond excited to find out what it is when these projects land on next-gen consoles and PC.

Last Updated: March 26, 2020

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